The use of targeted techniques to identify stressed and damaged tissue.  Let the fingers do the walking to find the truth.

Commonly referred to as "Lazy mans yoga", Thai bodywork has been used for years as the primary source of healthcare for the treatment of muscle and energy restrictions in the body..

Myofascial release helps to release restriction in connective fascial tissue which exists through out the body.  Physical and emotional trauma can cause connective tissue in the body to become taut and rigid.

modalities and techniques

There are many styles and techniques of massage and bodywork which are utilized within the industry to address client complaints.
While not all of these techniques are practiced here at Myorhythmics, it is helpful to give the public a general understanding of what may appeal to them.



Membership Rates

$55    1/2 hour massage sessions

$85    1 hour massage sessions

$115    1 ½ hour massage sessions

$170   2 hour massage sessions




Non-Membership Rates

$55     1/2 hour massage sessions

$110     1 hour massage sessions

$165   1 ½ hour massage sessions

$200    2 hour massage sessions

$110     1 hour Thai session