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With a unique approach to muscle re-education through massage, Myorhythmics Inc. is committed to providing quality massage and bodywork services where appropriate to the public at large.

Due to ever mounting pressures in the workplace and home environment, the human body is increasingly being subjected to enormous emotional, psychological and physical stress. Stress causes debilitating effects on the immune system which are often manifested physically as extreme muscle fatigue, and medically in conditions such as hypertension.


Skeletal muscle tissue through nerve innervation, requires sufficienty strength and tone to support our bony frame. However, when emotional stress and physical injury is present this tissue may retreat into a state of prolonged contraction. This has a cascading effect on body function, and may lead to serious debilitating and chronic medical conditions. Massage has been shown to impact the autonomic nervous system and effect positive change in the skeletal musculature and fascia. It is for this reason that we have tailored our programs eliminating stress in all its forms.


Anyone who has had a professionally administered massage, will attest to the healing and transformational experiences undertaken by mind and body.  There are increasing bodies of evidence to substantiate the useful attributes of massage.  People in all walks of life from professional athletes to the ordinary house wife, could become striken with chronic physiciological injuries.  The rising cost of healthcare has forced many to take a second look at preventative maintenance, by incorporating lifestyle changes more conducive to healthy living.


A regular program of massage and bodywork is a good start on the road to less physical and emotional stress.

Typically there are three tenants to maintaining a healthy lifestyle which when adhered to, will foster a healthy body, mind and spirit. These principles are universal to all cultures and peoples, I refer here to what I term the three legged stool of life. It is well known that a stool with two legs cannot stand, similarly human beings require three things in order to lead a healthy existence. Nutrition, exercise and rest.


When any one of these three is out of balance your existence becomes altered, and it is usually not for the better. In an age of excess and instant gratification, it is worth remembering that we are responsible for what happens to our lives. The food we consume has a direct effect on our physical and mental energy out put, which in turn has a direct effect on the amount of rest we need. We must use moderation to create balance the three legs which support the stool of life.





Client satisfaction

April Grogan

“When I first began going to Myorhythmics Massage and Bodywork I suffered from chronic back pain due to old injuries, a hectic travel schedule and too much time at a desk. In the beginning, I was able to continue my busy schedule in much less pain, and soon, the pain was eliminated all together. Regular visits to Peter keeps my body working correctly and enables me to live an active lifestyle while enjoying every minute of it!”

drew shprintz

Before I started going to Myorhythmics Massage and Bodywork, I bounced around to different massage places all the time. Since finding Peter, I won’t go anywhere else. I am tough on my body and thought that I would be living in constant pain for the rest of my life. With his help I continue to live a pain free existence. He is the most thorough and knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever been to, and he truly cares about his clients.